Food For Families

Every month we support the children’s families with a “food package”. The package contains flour, rice, oil and lentils. All are basic elements of the daily cooking. Since the families are all very poor, it can be a challenge to find money for food every day. By supporting the families, we ensure that our children do not go hungry to bed. At the same time, it also motivates the families to keep their children at school as many of our children previously have been begging in the streets to get food for their families.

We also supply all our students with hygiene products every month including toothbrushes and toothpaste, hair oil and soap.

Besides the food packages we occasionally support the families with necessities. For example, we have earlier purchased rechargeable lamps, as there is no electricity in the camp. We have also bought strong and waterproof tents for all the families in the camp. This ensured that the children and their family members could sleep dry through the monsoon for many years.