Trine Obel grew up in Denmark and met the local Nat-gypsies in Pushkar in the spring 2013. She is the founder and administrator of Pushkar Children Trust – helping to collect donations in order to run the project. She is visiting Pushkar yearly to stay with the children and their families and help with administration of the project. Her dream is to help children for a better life by education, medical care and love. She works as a doctor in Denmark.
Rakesh Nat grew up in the local gypsy camp and is uncle to many of our children. He has been in private school until seventh grade, before financial problems forced him to drop out and work for his family instead. Rakesh has been a part of Pushkar Children Trust since the beginning – always taking good care of the children. He is working as our daily project manager on the spot – taking care of everything from cooking and cleaning to enrolling children into school and being in contact with all families.  He dreams about a better future through education for his family members and the children in the camp.
Jeetu Bhat grew up in the gypsy camp on the outskirts of Pushkar. Jeetu had the privilege to be able to go to school until fourth grade. Therefore, he learned to greatly appreciate the value of education. He is the reason why Pushkar Children Trust started as he had a strong wish to get the children out of the camps. Jeetu is now handling volunteers/visitors who like to see our project in Pushkar. He is working as a tuk-tuk driver and helps out at the project when needed.
Ellisiv Nyre Bergmann grew up in Norway and met Trine at medical school in Denmark in 2013. She has been a part of the project leadership since then, and with many visits to Pushkar she has an extensive knowledge of the way of life for our children and families in Pushkar. She loves to visit Pushkar as often as possible and always brings a lot of ideas for workshops and activities for the children.

Pushkar Children Trust is supported by the Swiss organization Happy Children Circle and by the British charity The Dragonfly Schools Foundation. They collect donations in order to support our work with the children and their families.