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Building a Project House 2023

We have now built our new project house thanks to donations from all of you! The house is hosting our daily work with the children: homework tuition, food, games, sports and much more. Thank you to everyone who helped us make the dream of our own place come true!

Now our next project is ….

Building a playground 2024

We have bought the land next to our new project house and now we want to build a playground. The playground will be for sport activities, gardening, social events and creative projects.

Help us make this dream come true by donating to support our work:

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Bank account:

  • Registration number: 2280
  • Account number: 9033803637
  • IBAN: DK85 2000 9033 8036 37
  • Pushkar Children Trust, Nordea, Denmark

MobilePay: 177720